80s Frankencaster

The Squier Frankencaster lives again!


Wayyyyy back when, when I was a sophomore in high school, my parents said if I stop fucking around so much with school, they'd buy me an electric guitar. I was playing this funky old Encore (still have it), but wanted a white Strat. Just like Jimi.

I got my shit together, and stopped fucking up long enough to warrant the guitar. So we went down to Guitar Center, and grabbed a white Squier Strat, back when they were made in Japan. I went home, plugged it in - and realized that there was more to Hendrix's sound than the color of the guitar. Reality sucks.

I played it stock until my first year of college. Since then, the guitar has been parted out and modified all to hell. The only original piece on it left is the neck, which actually I kinda like, the trem tension block, and 4 of the tuners. The first swap was the saddles. Then the trem plate. Then I rewired the entire thing, new jack, switch, pickups, whole works. Then I grabbed another pre-wired pickguard, can't remember how I got it, long time ago, some sale somewhere. Then I threw in 2 Duncan single-coil humbuckers (Hot Rails in bridge, Cool Rails in neck), with a random strat pickup (Duncan?) in middle. Refretted. Locked down the trem. But it never quite got where I wanted it to.

Then I started trying new guitars (among them a fucked up Gibson L-6 that I wish I had never let go), and just put the thing away.

About a year ago, for shits and giggles, I thought why not see what's up with the ol' thing, just for sentiment. After toying with it, I decided to fuck with it some more. I took the neck off, and saw that there was paint on the bottom of the neck between the body and neck joint. I sanded that away very carefully, fit the joint, and put the neck back on. Better tone! (But still not close to my other guitars).

I decided to amuse my self, and brought it to a Missing Links gig. I used it on Tarantula and Pipeline. (that's where the pic is from). It did OK! Plus it was really fun to whip the thing out, I felt 16 again! Since then, I may bring it as an emergency backup to Links gigs, although I probably won't play it much. In the end, although I do like Strats, I'm just not a Strat guy, and this is not a great Strat to begin with.

Despite it's limitations, it was a fantastic instrument at the time for me when I got it, and does have a fair amount of sentimental value, with no real monetary value, so I will always keep it around for that reason.

If you think I'm posting pictures of 18 year old me playing this thing, you're fucking nuts.