2000 Martin D-16GT

As much as I love my D18, I didn't feel right taking it to every situation, and thought it would be good to have a second acoustic for situations where I might feel nervous bringing the 18. So I grabbed this D16GT, new in 2001. It's got the A bracing, not X.

The guitar was a tad tight at first, as new instruments can be, but over the years it's opened up pretty nicely. I wouldn't sit it next to a herringbone, but it does the job I ask of it.

I added a bone saddle to it, but the most surprising mod was when I swapped out the plastic string pegs for wooden ones. I just didn't like the feel of plastic, but I was shocked how much it affected the tone. Go figure.

I string it with GHS .13s, Fender pick, either extra heavy if I'm doing some flatpicking, or a heavy it's a more folkie thing.

I never mic this guitar, in fact rarely if ever use it on stage, but if I do I plug it in with my PUTW pickup through a Baggs PADI.