Yamaha Bass


Actually not mine. I am borrowing it from Jennifer Slater, my Homemaker bandmate. The Homemakers were in desperate need of a bass player, and asked me. (like I said, desperate). I said sure, but I'd need to buy a bass. Jennifer offered me use of this one until I found one. I'm still playing it.

It's a Yamaha N89 4 string, since discontinued by Yamaha. Yes, it is purple sparkly. Deal with it bitches.

It's got the P/jazz pickup combo, but I disconnected the jazz pickup. When I first got it, I thought it sounded kinda funky, but figured eh, cheap bass, whatever. Then I went in there and found that the jazz pickup hot wire had been removed, but it was still connected to ground. DUH. So I wired it properly, and found out the jazz pickup was funked up. (assume that was why it had been cut). So I then wired it for just the P Bass pickup, and you know, it's not a bad bass! Being used to P Basses, it took some adjusting, but I gotta say, it plays pretty good, sound is acceptable, and stays in tune. The shape is kinda weird, but so am I.

The electronics use a blend knob for the 2 pickups, but since I disconnected the bridge jazz pickup, I keep it set on the P Bass position. There's a tone and volume knob, which would work for each pickup.

I play it into my old friend Tim Heaton's SWR Workingman's 12, and it does the job.

I still may grab a PBass someday, but until then, I've kinda grown fond of this thing.