Gefell M71/691

Josephson C42 (2)

Blue B6 Lollipop Capsule

LD capsule that screws onto ...


I rarely if ever use the CK1 capsule for this, the body/preamp lives with the B6 on it, but it's there if I need it.

EV RE-20

Blue Baby Bottle

AT 4041 (stereo pair)

AT 4033

MXL A-55

MXL 603

The A-55 is kinda OK on kick; but the 603 is an absolute abomination. Worst mic ever made.

Realistic PZM boundary mic

Shure SM57 (a few)

Shure SM58 (a few)

Byerdynamic M-02

Concord mic for tape recorder


Lynx AES16e

Lynx Aurora 8

Daking Mic Pres (2)

Audient ASP 880 (8 pres + conversion)


A few DIs I built using Jensens

Baggs PADI (active) - 2


Neumann KH120 monitors

Yorkville YSM-1p monitors


Fender Vibrolux Reverb

SWR Workingman's 12

Oz Audio Headphone Matrix

Roland U-20 synth

Akai AX-60 synth

Various brands tracking headphones



Too many plug-ins to list, all the usual stuff.

While it is true, most of my time the last 25 years has been spent driving around from gig to gig, I had always also been very involved with recording/production/arrangment/etc for other bands. I guess they liked what I did. Cool! From my old Tascam 3340 (1/4" 4 track reel to reel), to the slew of early digital interfaces to my current setup, I liked to find time to record other artists (and myself, though that's not as easy as people think), and had an eye on setting up a recording situation some day.

Well, the last couple years has seen me get more invovled with recording, and less with performing. And I am kinda digging it. As time has gone on, I have become as - or more - involved with that than performing, which is great, I love doing this. So I started considering renting studio space. I spent a few months looking, but frankly, none of the rooms (warehouses, office space, etc) sounded nearly as good as my top floor at home, at least not without a major rebuild. Which, btw, is my beef with many project studios. Uninspiring tracking rooms. Folks, it is the 3rd most important thing on the list. Player, instrument, then room. Gear is important no doubt; but it don't mean squat unless those 3 things are taken care of first.

The space here is 25 by 12 feet with sloped 15 foot ceilings, wood floors, with another 10 x 10 x 8 space attached (which amazingly looks exactly like a kitchen - but don't be fooled, it's just marketing hype), forming an L shape. Lisa (my wife) said "why don't you just convert the upstairs to a studio? It's about 3/4 of the way there anyways". She is not only lovely and amazing, but brilliant. So we did that. The studio is basically the top floor of my house. The space is comfortable, quiet, and sounds great. I have the usual treatment, a couple QRD diffusers, a few polys (I dig polys), broadband traps (some people call them "bass traps", but they are NOT bass traps. But that's another discussion). There are three isolation rooms for amps if we need them, as well as a little tracking control room. Mixing is done in the main tracking room with a bit of moving stuff around.

The area is very quiet, a dead end up in the south hills. Between that and the treatment, ambient noise is not a problem.

If you are interested in recording here, contact me.

Setting up